Wednesday, 1 August 2012

News concerning signed books

Due to the response I've had about signed copies, it seems that there are people who still want a signed copy but don't have the money right now.  This is something I perfectly understand on account of being broke most of the time myself.  I have said that I will always be happy to sign books if you can find me in person, but I know it's not really practical to find me or easy as I'm not in Salisbury much these days.

Because of this I have decided to offer signed copies as an incentive for donating to my blog.  Simply donate £10 or more and I will send you a signed copy!  It's just that simple.  Unfortunately I don't keep a stock of my book so you won't get it straight away as I'll have to make an order for the books myself so I can sign them and send them on.  These orders will be made on Mondays, so it really depends on when you order as to how long it'll take to get the book.

I do use my email address for paypal transactions, so if you want to email me an inscription or request, just check you paypal receipt and it should be on there.  Alternatively, leave a comment on my blog and I'll make a note of it.

Oh, and here's a donation button:

It's the same as the button on the side menu so clicking on either will work.

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